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How The Rich & Famous Are Losing Weight With Ozempic

Alexander Singh
June 6, 2022

Nowadays, as we all know, obesity is a common cause of diabetes, and this is because of an unhealthy diet and no apparent physical activity. Everyone wants to look fit and energetic, for which everyone is opting for weight loss drugs and medicines and even consulting doctors to recommend fast-effecting weight loss drugs.

Ozempic, in this line, is a new weight loss drug introduced in 2017 as a diabetic cure medicine. Later, a higher dosage of the active ingredient, semaglutide 2.4mg, was approved for weight loss in 2021. It has the same hormone called GLP-1, which helps people feel fuller and consume fewer calories. Following are all the details you need to know regarding Ozempic and its effectiveness. 

What Is Ozempic, And How Does It Work?

Ozempic is a drug known as glucagon, similar to peptide-1 (GLP-1), that helps your body control blood sugars and maintain A1C levels. It helps your pancreas to produce more insulin when your blood sugar levels are high. In type 2 diabetes, there is a higher risk of liver disorders that cause fatty liver diseases, elevated liver enzymes, and acute liver failure.

Ozempic also helps in stopping your liver from doing the extra work of producing and releasing the excess amount of sugars. This medicine mainly helps minimize blood sugar levels by reducing the rate at which food leaves your stomach. It also reduces your food intake by helping you feel fuller and consumes fewer calories, which causes weight loss as a result.

Is It Only a Diabetes Drug?

Ozempic is a drug that helps maintain blood sugar levels; however, it is not an insulin or a diabetes drug. Its primary function is to reduce blood sugars, while its secondary function is to fight against obesity, resulting in significant weight loss. Semaglutide, the main component used in ozempic, is an artificial component administered as an alternative to the natural hormone that every human body produces named GLP-1. 

The main work of this hormone is to maintain blood sugar levels and controls one’s appetite and weight. Additionally, the Semaglitude present in Ozempic is comparatively more substantial than the natural GLP-1 present in the human body, making it more efficient for extended periods. Ozempic is only approved by the FDA for use in patients with diabetes, but is also prescribed off label for weight loss.

Celebrities That Use Ozempic

Many celebrities use this weight loss drug known as Ozempic, leaving a scarcity for the individuals who need it. Many celebrities are joining the bandwagon using Ozempic for weight loss concerning their projects and professional commitments. 

The list of these celebrities has professionals from all categories of the industry such as tiktokers, Hollywood stars, and even influencers. The famous media personality Kim Kardashian is currently on top of this list; she has reportedly been using Ozempic for her rapid weight loss. 

Elon Musk has also been using Ozempic and even mentioned it in one of his tweets about using the weight loss drug. Elon Musk’s mention subsequently gained the Ozempic drug the popularity it has now. Many celebrities are still unknown that have been using the weight loss drug for efficient and rapid results. 

Questions and Concerns

Here are some essential questions and concerns regarding the weight loss drug Ozempic: 

Are there any misuses of Ozempic?

Proper usage of Ozempic is 2 milligrams per week. People tend to take it twice a week if they miss a dose. While there is no particular prescribed measurement of Ozempic usage, using more than 2 milligrams a week is a misuse and can result in the following side effects: 

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Constipation
  • Stomach pain

Such side effects are not very severe but can leave mild irritation and medical issues in the consumer's body. 

Who is Ozempic really for?

Ozempic is for those with type 2 diabetes because it controls blood sugar levels, but this drug has several more benefits. It helps people to lose weight by controlling their appetite. Many people use this drug for weight loss. 

As per the WHO, more than 1 billion people worldwide are obese, and obesity causes many diseases. Ozempic is for all. Anyone can use it, including people with diabetes, cardiac issues, or those who want to lose body fat.

Ozempic is a popular drug nowadays among those having diabetes or those who want to look slim and smart by losing body fat. Due to its magical results, people buy it to achieve their weight loss goals. Ozempic became popular when Elon Musk's tweet circulated in the market, where he shared his secret. 

Getting a Prescription

A BMI (body mass index) equal to or higher than 27 indicates whether a person is overweight or obese. Following a person's BMI and specific health-related issues like type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure can result in your health care provider or certified weight loss consultant prescribing you weight loss medications. 

Although weight loss medications are not the ideal solution for all people with obesity, they can help curb and control one's appetite, manage weight gain, and alter eating habits. Prescription medications with a significant lifestyle change can subsequently help and assist in losing weight while having no side effects. 

However, it is crucial to examine yourself thoroughly and discuss any previous health issues and allergies you might have or have had in the past. Medical history like this can assist your healthcare provider in prescribing you the most appropriate medicine required for your effective weight loss. 

Will My Insurance Cover Ozempic?

Most insurance companies may say they cover Ozempic with prior authorization; however, this is only in the case of a patient who has diabetes, and in many cases, Ozempic will still be denied. This is because insurances require "step-therapy", or the use of cheaper medications before trying Ozempic.

Achieve the Same Result with Precision Medicine

Ozempic and other GLP-1 medications are typically not covered by most people's insurances and can cost thousands of dollars per month our of pocket. With Alfie, you can achieve similar results through precision medicine that uses legacy, affordable medications in the correct way, without having to pay thousands of dollars.

While many weight loss medications are available in the market, the oldest are Diethylopropion and Phentermine (available as Suprenza, Ionamin, Adipex). Phentermine can be used for short-term usage and helps as an adrenergic agonist that suppresses appetite. Another popular weight loss medicine is Orlistat which decreases fat absorption. 

Phentermine-Topiramate, also known as Qsymia, is the most effective weight loss medicine. Some more popular and widely used weight loss medications include Liraglutide, known as Saxenda, and Bupropion/ Naltrexone, known as Contrave. All these medicines can have mild side effects, but their intensity can vary from person to person. 

While many weight loss medications available in the market can effectively help in appetite control, slowing down the process of weight gain and improvement in one’s eating behavior, it is still crucial to consult with a dietician or a credible weight loss clinic before starting to consume any medicine. 

Most medications are tailored and made for a one-fit-all purpose, so they offer different effectiveness to every individual. The reason because each individual is different and requires distinct facilitation. For this reason precision medicine also known as 'personalized medicine' is used for treatment and disease prevention on an individual level for a more specific result. 

Precision medicine is prescribed by health care providers keeping in view each individual's bodily and health requirements to achieve faster and more effective results. Weight loss precision medicines, in this case, are prescribed by weight loss consultants having distinct formulas to achieve quicker and more effective weight loss. 

If one wants to lose weight without wasting heaps of money on medicines that provide no impact, consider consulting professional and credible weight loss clinics. These clinics can prescribe precision medicine to those individuals and thus one can weight loss without any significant side effects or health issues. 

Learn More with Alfie

Where most people run after costly medicines and clinics to lose weight, some weight loss clinics can help individuals lose weight with supportive programs. In such a case, Alfie is a credible and professional weight loss clinic that adheres to the needs of people looking to lose stubborn weight gain and fat without any severe side effects. 

You can efficiently lose weight through the help of their professional and skilled team of doctors, 24/7 online consultation, support groups, and precision medicines to help you in the process. You need to contact our specialized team at Alfie’s and book your appointment to meet and start your effortless and supportive weight loss journey today.