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Revolutionary Approach to Weight Loss

Alfie harnesses the power of advanced metabolic profiling, precision medication panels, and continuous, high-touch care to craft a weight loss program that is as unique as you are.

Metabolic Profiling

We'll collect over 100 data points from your medical history and a variety of sources including lab testing and physical metrics to understand the underlying causes of your weight gain.

Precision Treatment

Your Alfie Care team will use your metabolic profile to determine the best treatment plan for you. You’ll meet with an Alfie provider within 24 hours of completing onboarding to get started on your journey.

360° Care Management

We'll keep you on track with continuous monitoring via our WiFi smart scale, medication updates on an ongoing basis, monthly visits with your Alfie provider, and 1:1 accountability coaching.

Personalized Support
personalized support

Dedicated Care Team At Your Fingertips

At Alfie, you’re not just getting a service, you’re joining a supportive community. Your care team takes the time to provide the best medical support via telehealth.

->  Licensed Doctor for Medical Guidance
->  Health Coach or Registered Dietician
->  Care and Accountability Coordinator
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Take Control Of Your Weight

At Alfie Health, we're more than a weight loss clinic. We're partners in your health journey, providing personalized care and constant support.

Personalized Treatment

Our technology-driven approach allows us to develop a care plan that is unique to your underlying biology.

Workspace Premium
Expert Guidance

Care team works with you 1-on-1, helping you navigate your journey with expertise and compassion.

Convenient Care

With Alfie, you have 24/7 access to your dedicated care team. We're always just a message away!


Improve Outcomes and Unlock Revenue

Partnering with Alfie to bring obesity services to your patients leads to better long term health, cost savings, and maximized revenue for your organization.

Best Outcomes

With ObesityRx™️ Alfie provides your patients with evidence-based, scalable care at all time.

Multispecialty Staffing

Alfie helps you staff world-class obesity experts, coaches, clinicians, and coordinators.

Magic Exchange
Effortless Integration

Alfie’s technology-driven approach integrates directly into your established workflows.

Eligibility & RCM

Alfie manages eligibility determination for your patients and handles all billing and RCM.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Alfie Work?

Alfie Health provides obesity management services including medications when eligible. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and a unique, data-driven approach, we understand the underlying causes of each patient's weight gain. Based on this analysis, our expert teams, consisting of medical providers, health coaches, and care coordinators, create tailored treatment plans involving appropriate medication and lifestyle adjustments.

Is Alfie covered by insurance?

Yes, we accept most insurances. Before being billed, you will receive a notice of eligibility to verify your insurance coverage.

How do you know which treatment is right for me?

At Alfie, we've developed a tool called ObesityRx™️, which analyzes your medical history, lab results, and responses to various clinically validated surveys to determine what may be causing your weight gain.

Using this tool, we create your Metabolic Profile, the results of which are similar in ways to the popular Myers Briggs test. Each individual falls into different percentiles of four main categories.

Each category corresponds to different metabolic causes of weight gain. For example, you may be struggling with satiation issues for which a different medication may be appropriate compared to individuals who struggle with a food addiction.

Often times, patients are non-responders to medications, despite reports of significant "average" weight loss. Using ObesityRx™️, we can determine which treatment plan can be most effective for you .