Our Mission

A team built around medical expertise

After struggling with weight-related issues, our founders were frustrated with the generalized, blanket solutions available in today's market. A wide array of health products exist that personalize care, but obesity treatment is not on par with the research and clinical standards available.

That's why we joined together to found Alfie, using our experience in machine learning, wellbeing applications, and medicine to bring precision care to weight loss

Experience drives innovation

Backed by top VCs with experience from the world's premier insititutions

developed by engineers and doctors

Our founders

Alexander Singh

Biomedical engineer and former Deloitte health tech consultant with experience in D2C health, cloud computing, and AI diagnostics.

Rohit Rustagi

Biomedical engineer and Bioethics graduate from Harvard. Awarded a Fulbright scholarship and accepted to Stanford Medical School.

Hasan Syed, MD

Fellowship-trained neurosurgeon. Founded a global initiative bringing novel surgical techniques to developing nations.

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