Our Physicians Help You Lose Weight

When you join Alfie, our healthcare providers will work with you to determine the right medications for you based on your metabolic profile.

Doctor-prescribed, precision weight management

Our team of doctors prescribe a variety of medications that help you lose weight, mainly through suppressing appetite. There are a wide range of medicines that our providers may prescribe based on certain factors presented in your lab results or preferences.

Our providers and clinical advisors are licensed and certified by a variety of organizations, such as the American Board of Obesity Medicine and the National Board of Health and Wellness Coaching. When you join Alfie, you join a growing number of patients who have successfully lost weight.

Clinical Advisory Board

How our specialists help

In your first appointment, our providers will review your metabolic profile with you and discuss the various weight loss medication options to create a plan specific to you. Our experts will help you understand your metabolic type and determine if you have any other medical conditions that may interfere with prescribing you certain weight loss medications.

Our providers also have the ability to work directly with your insurance to help you get coverage for a specific medication or weight loss drug.


Our providers

Avoid inconvenient in-person visits and expensive weight loss centers

If you've struggled with weight loss and are considering bariatric surgery or another form of weight loss surgery to lose your unwanted pounds, our weight loss doctors can help you lose weight with less long-term risks than surgical approaches and faster than other weight loss programs.

Our providers, dietitians, nutritionists, and health coaches have experience across a wide array of weight-loss strategies to provide you with the most effective weight experience.