Weight Loss Starts with Your Biology

When you join Alfie, our healthcare providers will work with you to determine the right medications for you based on your metabolic profile.


Your Body, Your Weight


Hormones such as leptin, insulin, estrogens, androgens, and growth hormones affect how and why you gain weight. Imbalances can lead to increased weight gain by affecting your appetite, metabolism, and body fat distribution.


Your genes determine how your body responds to food and the environment around you. Up to 80% of your weight is linked to genetics and can affect how you gain weight versus others, even in your own family.


The millions of bacteria living in your gut actually can determine your body's response to food. In fact, the presence of certain bacteria in your gut can lead to increases in bad habits, such as sugar cravings and binge eating.


Differences in brain chemistry are linked to habits that cause weight gain, such as cravings and binge eating. Psychological aspects such as stress, depression, and anxiety are also huge potential factors when it comes to your weight.


Redefining Precision Care with ObesityRx™️

At Alfie, we use a suite of clinically verified tests and algorithms to determine your metabolic profile. Our algorithms have gone through years of testing and verification to help us determine which medication or combination of medications will be most successful in optimizing your weight management.

Metabolic Profiling

We'll collect over 100 data points from your medical history and a variety of sources including lab testing and physical metrics to understand the underlying causes of your weight gain.

Precision Treatment

Your Alfie Care team will use your metabolic profile to determine the best treatment plan for you. You’ll meet with an Alfie provider within 24 hours of completing onboarding to get started on your journey.

360° Care Management

We'll keep you on track with continuous monitoring via our WiFi smart scale, medication updates on an ongoing basis, monthly visits with your Alfie provider, and 1:1 accountability coaching.


Personalized Prescription Medications, Tailored to Your Unique Biology

Alfie offers a variety of prescription medications tailored to your individual biology. If eligible, your Alfie provider may prescribe a combination of a variety of medications such as:


The Most Effective Way to Lose Weight

Our cutting-edge approach has transformed the lives of countless patients, setting us apart in the weight loss industry.

Based on research from top weight loss centers


More effective than habit and lifestyle change alone


More effective than regularly prescribed medications


Data points analyzed per metabolic profile


Pounds lost with precision medicine

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does Alfie Work?

Alfie Health provides obesity management services including medications when eligible. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and a unique, data-driven approach, we understand the underlying causes of each patient's weight gain. Based on this analysis, our expert teams, consisting of medical providers, health coaches, and care coordinators, create tailored treatment plans involving appropriate medication and lifestyle adjustments.

Is Alfie covered by insurance?

Yes, we accept most insurances. Before being billed, you will receive a notice of eligibility to verify your insurance coverage.

How do you know which treatment is right for me?

At Alfie, we've developed a tool called ObesityRx™️, which analyzes your medical history, lab results, and responses to various clinically validated surveys to determine what may be causing your weight gain.

Using this tool, we create your Metabolic Profile, the results of which are similar in ways to the popular Myers Briggs test. Each individual falls into different percentiles of four main categories.

Each category corresponds to different metabolic causes of weight gain. For example, you may be struggling with satiation issues for which a different medication may be appropriate compared to individuals who struggle with a food addiction.

Often times, patients are non-responders to medications, despite reports of significant "average" weight loss. Using ObesityRx™️, we can determine which treatment plan can be most effective for you .