How it works

Effective weight loss from the comfort of your own home.

Alfie's program is designed to meet you in the middle and fit in with your schedule

Alfie provides...


FDA-approved medication

Connect with an Alfie provider to learn which FDA-approved weight loss medication is right for you.


1:1 health coach guidance

Work with a health coach to set biweekly goals and make lifestyle changes one small step at a time.


Support at your fingertips

Reach out to your care team via text from the comfort of your own home, whenever and wherever.

...all delivered via text and video without another clunky app



If you're eligible for Alfie, our providers will work with you to schedule a lab test for blood work to confirm your eligibility.

Once we've confirmed your eligibility, our providers will prescribe the right GLP-1 medication for you, if any. You may be eligible for same day medication delivery as well.

At Alfie, your ability to participate in our program is important to us. Our team of health professionals will work with you and your insurance to ensure you only have to pay the $25 copay for GLP-1 medications.


1:1 Health Coaching

Research shows that lifestyle changes, including exercise and diet, lead to 50% increase in weight loss compared to GLP-1 medications alone.

When you join Alfie, you'll be paired with a dedicated health coach who will help you set incremental weekly goals to make creating long term habit changes easier.

No general videos, no basic articles, and no fad diets.


Support at your fingertips

Once you join Alfie, you'll be able to communicate with your care team whenever and wherever you are via SMS. Have a question about what you should have for dinner or want to talk to your doctor about the medications? Simply pick up your phone and reach out.

How does it work?

Frequently Asked Questions

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Are the medications Alfie providers prescribe safe?

When you sign up for Alfie, you complete a detailed patient intake and blood work that are reviewed by your Alfie healthcare professional before prescribing any medication.

Alfie providers prescribe a class of medications known as GLP-1s, which work to inhibit your appetite. GLP-1s are FDA-approved and safe and have been widely used since the early 2000s. These medications are safe to take with other common prescriptions, and your provider will determine the best medication for you.

Side effects of GLP-1 medications are extremely rare and over 95% of individuals who take these medications do not experience side effects. In those that do, nausea is often the most common and typically resolves within the first month of being on the medication.

If you do experience side effects that make you ineligible to participate in the program, you may be eligible for a partial refund.

To learn more about potential side effects, go here.

How do GLP-1 medications work? 

GLP-1 medications work with your body's natural GLP-1 receptors to regulate weight loss, metabolic function, as well as decreasing your risk of other diseases.

GLP-1s lead the pancreas to produce insulin after meals to bring down blood sugar. They also bind to receptors in the brain to suppress appetite. These receptors release chemicals that help diminish the desire to eat, reducing your hunger.

GLP-1s are natural chemicals, but don't last long within the human body. That's why taking GLP-1s can help reduce your weight even though your body already produces its own.

Research has shown that in addition to exercise and diet changes, Alfie's program of GLP-1 medications are the most effective way to lose weight and safely keep it off.

How does my health coach help guide my goal setting?

Once you sign up for Alfie and have received your prescription, you’ll be introduced to your health coach. In your first meeting with your health coach, you’ll walk through your current lifestyle choices and your preferences, as well as your main goals in losing weight.

Rather than giving you a total life makeover, your health coach will work with you to determine manageable weekly goals that you can complete in order to start building lifestyle habit changes. As you continue meeting with your health coaches, your feedback will be the basis for further goals.

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