Precision weight loss from the comfort of your own home

Alfie's program is designed to meet you in the middle and fit in with your schedule while optimizing your weight management to help you achieve your goals

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How it works

Alfie's three step program is designed with results in mind.

Step 1
Metabolic Profiling

Understand your metabolism and the scientific reasoning behind your weight gain. We use this to determine which treatment is right for you!

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step 2
Precision Medication Panels

Connect with one of our licensed providers and be prescribed the right combination of weight loss medication for you, if eligible.

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step 3
360° Care Management

1:1 health coaching and smart device integration helps our care team manage your treatment and keep you on track for maximum weight loss.

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Proven results

The most effective way to lose weight

Alfie's program focuses on providing clinical-grade weight loss results.


More effective than habit and lifestyle change alone.


More effective than regularly prescribed medications.


Data points analyzed per metabolic profile.


Pounds lost with precision medicine.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are the medications Alfie prescribes safe?

When you sign up for Alfie, you complete a detailed metabolic profile including blood work that is reviewed by your Alfie healthcare professional before prescribing any medication. Alfie providers prescribe a variety of medications that are all approved by the FDA.

To learn more about the medications we prescribe, use the medications navigation.

What is a metabolic profile? 

Your metabolic profile is a combination of metabolic hormones, questionnaires, and physical measurements like waist size that help determine exactly which brain pathways control your weight gain. This allows us to determine the most effective combination of medications to optimize your weight loss.

In fact, up to 50% of people have been shown to be non-responders to certain weight loss medications. When you sign up for Alfie, we utilize this metabolic profile to make sure your weight loss plan is as effective as possible.

What do you mean by precision medication? 

Precision medicine for weight loss is a new paradigm that classifies mechanisms of weight gain based on individual humans rather than assuming all weight gain is the same. Such classifications allow us to maximize weight loss effectiveness and safety.

Based on your metabolic profile, your Alfie providers will determine the right medications or combination of medications to optimize how you lose weight. Simultaneously, we'll follow up at frequent, regular intervals to titrate your medications (change the quantity or dosage) based on the accountability data we receive from you.

How does Alfie keep me accountable? 

At Alfie, we combine smart device data, biweekly feedback with your care team, and health coaching to optimize your weight loss. We use this data to determine which medications and a combination of medications can help you achieve your goals in the most effective manner.

When you join Alfie, we'll connect you with a certified health coach. Rather than giving you a total life makeover, your health coach will work with you to determine manageable weekly goals that you can complete in order to start building lifestyle habit changes. As you continue meeting with your health coaches, your feedback will be the basis for further goals.