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Alfie is the first telehealth program designed to treat you through unique medication panels and high touch care to achieve maximum results.

Over 869 possible medication combinations
2x more effective than regular prescribing
24/7 world class expert support

By the numbers...

Alfie optimizes weight management through cutting-edge clinical research.

Online expert support at each step of the way

More effective than regularly prescribed medications.

Weight loss with precision management.

10,000 Data points analyzed per metabolic profile.

How it works

Precision Medicaton

We don't guess and check when it comes to your health. Our precision ObesityRx™️ tool helps our doctors understand which medications will be most effective for you.

Evidence-based therapies

At Alfie, we focus on providing real results by tailoring medications to your specific biology, rather than just blanket distributing one class of medications.

Expert support at each step

With Alfie you're not alone. Get expert support at each step of the way from our network of world class experts and health coahces, providing proactive care at every step.

Join a community of thousands transforming their lives with Alfie.

Join a community of thousands transforming their lives with Alfie

Metabolic weight loss through telehealth

Weight management you can trust

Treament designed by experts in the field

Scott Butsch

Director of Obesity Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic and nicknamed the "father of obesity medicine".

Fatima Stanford

Associate professor at Harvard Medical school and one of the most cited researchers in obesity medicine.

Noreen Reilly Harrington

Assistant Professor of Psychology at Harvard Medical School and an internationally-recognized expert in cognitive-behavioral treatment.

Abeer Bader

Lead Clinical Nutrition Specialist at the Mass General Weight Center, focused on patients struggling with obesity.

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Step 1

Check your eligibility for Alfie

Complete our online questionnaire to determine whether you're eligible for Alfie.

Takes under 5 minutes to see whether Alfie is right for you! 


Step 2

Creating your metabolic profile

We collect your medication history and patient data from a variety of sources to understand your health.

We start with a detailed look into your metabolism with lab testing and other physical metrics.

Lastly, and most fun, we check your gut microbiome health using markers for your poop.

Step 3

Precision medication panels

Meet with a specialist for an in-depth telehealth visit within 48 hours of completing your lab work.

Our doctors prescribe combinations of medications specifically tailored to your biology.

Our doctors update and titrate your medication on a regular basis to maximize your weight loss.

Step 4

360° care management

We don't just use a one-and-done model, we're in it for the long run, just like you. We'll keep you on track with:

Continuous asynchronous monitoring.

Medication updates and titrations on an ongoing basis.

1:1 Accountability coaching.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Alfie? 

Alfie is the first program to utilize personalized weight loss algorithms to optimize your weight loss through clinically proven science. We utilize intake data from lab results, questionnaires, and physical tests to determine why your body specifically gains weight and through which pathways it will most easily lose weight.

We then take this data to determine which medication, if any, will be most effective to help you lose weight. Based on ongoing data we collect from your connected smart devices and responses to our care team, we update your medication(s) on a biweekly basis to optimize your weight loss if needed.

Who is Alfie for?

We've been in your shoes and are tired of programs that prescribe blanket medications.

Alfie is for anyone over the age of 18 with a BMI of 30 and above or 27 and above with comorbidities such as obstructive sleep apnea, hypertension, dislypidemia, etc. We'll work with you to determine the best combination of medications and coaching to help you lose weight.

To find out if you're eligible, sign up today! 

Check your eligibility in under 5 minutes.

Alfie can help you in the right direction.