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Tired of hearing eat less and work out more? So are we. Weight loss is more complicated than just your willpower. With Alfie, we work to understand your complete metabolic profile to help you lose weight as fast as possible.

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You are unique, and so is your weight

Your body, your weight


Hormones such as leptin, insulin, estrogens, androgens, and growth hormones affect how and why you gain weight. Imbalances can lead to increased weight gain by affecting your appetite, metabolism, and body fat distribution.


Your genes determine how your body responds to food and the environment around you. Up to 80% of your weight is linked to genetics and can affect how you gain weight versus others, even in your own family.


The millions of bacteria living in your gut actually can determine your body's response to food. In fact, the presence of certain bacteria in your gut can lead to increases in bad habits, such as sugar cravings and binge eating.


Differences in brain chemistry are linked to habits that cause weight gain, such as cravings and binge eating. Psychological aspects such as stress, depression, and anxiety are also huge potential factors when it comes to your weight.

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Creating your Metabolic Profile

At Alfie, we use a suite of clinically verified tests and algorithms to determine your metabolic profile. Our algorithms have gone through years of testing and verification to help us determine which medication or combination of medications will be most successful in optimizing your weight management.

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Lab Testing

We start with a detailed look into your metabolism with lab testing from the comfort of your own home.

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We use top standards of care for determining any psychological factors on your weight gain.

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Gut Testing

Lastly, and most fun, we check your gut microbiome health using markers for your poop.

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Metabolic Profiles

At Alfie, we've built a program based on the top research from places like Harvard and Stanford. This allows us to profile you into four main metabolic types — much like a personality test. We then personalize your treatment plan specifically to your profile to maximize your weight loss in the shortest time.

Research shows our program is nearly 2x as effective as regular prescription medications for weight loss.


Growlers consistently feel hungry between meals, leading them to snack and eat additional meals.


Empaths eat in response to psychological stimuli such as stress, depression, or anxiety.


Reflexives eat impulsively as their brain consistently feels it is hungrier than actual.


Embers have a slower than average metabolism resulting in fewer calories burned each day.

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Metabolic Profile

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Precision Medication

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Alfie offers a variety of prescription medications tailored to your individual biology. If eligible, your Alfie provider may prescribe a combination of a variety of medications such as:


GLP-1 medications mimic natural appetite suppressant hormones, but many people are non-responders to these medications.

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Phentermine alone works to decrease food intake by inhibiting certain hormones in your brain and increasing your metabolism.

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Phentermine / Topiramate

Phentermine / Topiramate helps control weight by regulating receptors in your brain to decrease food intake and manage your basal metabolic rate.

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Naltrexone / Buproprion

This combination of medications minimizes food intake by modulating your appetite, improving your mood, and decreasing your hunger.

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Weight loss by the numbers.

Alfie optimizes weight management through cutting-edge clinical research in our online weight loss clinic.


Data points analyzed per metabolic profile.


More effective than regularly prescribed medications


More effective than habit and lifestyle change alone.


Pounds lost with precision weight management.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a metabolic profile? 

Your metabolic profile is a combination of metabolic hormones, questionnaires, and physical measurements that help determine exactly which brain pathways control your weight gain. This allows us to determine the most effective combination of medications to optimize your weight loss.

In fact, up to 50% of people have been shown to be non-responders to certain weight loss medications. When you sign up for Alfie, we utilize this metabolic profile to make sure your weight loss plan is as effective as possible.

What do you mean by precision medication? 

Precision medicine for weight loss is a new paradigm that classifies mechanisms of weight gain based on individual humans rather than assuming all weight gain is the same. Such classifications allow us to maximize weight loss effectiveness and safety.

Based on your metabolic profile, your Alfie providers will determine the right medications or combination of medications to optimize how you lose weight. Simultaneously, we'll follow up at frequent, regular intervals to titrate your medications (change the quantity or dosage) based on the accountability data we receive from you.

Are the medications Alfie prescribes safe?

When you sign up for Alfie, you complete a detailed metabolic profile including blood work that is reviewed by your Alfie healthcare professional before prescribing any medication. Alfie providers prescribe a variety of medications that are all approved by the FDA.

To learn more about the medications we prescribe, visit our medications page here.