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Let us manage your obesity patients.

Expert Care Team

Each patient receives a dedicated Alfie provider, health coach, and care coordinator.

Precision Care

We determine the best treatment plan to address underlying metabolic issues a patient may have.


We use the totality of a patient's medical history as well as RPM devices to understand the patient.

Sustainable Results

Our program drives long term, sustainable results for patients to manage chronic issues with obesity.

Care delivered by experts

Alfie's program provides patients with a comprehensive care team to help manage their obesity. Each patient is paired with a licensed and credentialed provider, a health coach, and a care coordinator. Our treatment plans include medication when appropriate, nutrition, and behavioral guidance to maximize your patient's success

Precision obesity management

Redefining precision care with ObesityRx™️

At Alfie, we use a suite of clinically verified tests and algorithms to determine your metabolic profile. Our algorithms have gone through years of testing and verification to help us determine which medication or combination of medications will be most successful in optimizing your weight management.

Metabolic Labs

We start with a detailed look into your metabolism with comprehensive lab testing through our partners, covered by most insurance.

Patient History

With your approval, we'll access your medical records to help determine underlying causes of weight gain, or contraindications to our treamtents.

Detailed Patient Metrics

Scientifically-proven surveys and follow-ups help us update your treatment on a regular basis for the most effective treatment possible.

proven outcomes

Results that add up.

Alfie optimizes weight management through cutting-edge clinical research in our online weight loss clinic.


More effective than habit and lifestyle change alone.


More effective than regularly prescribed medications.


Data points analyzed per metabolic profile.


Pounds lost with precision medicine.