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How Elon Musk Lost Weight Fast With Wegovy

Alexander Singh
June 6, 2022

With obesity becoming a worldwide dilemma, more and more people are turning to advanced ways of losing weight. Some popular ways to lose weight effectively include exercise, fasting, and specialized weight-loss medications. 

One such weight loss medication is the popular Wegovy medicine produced by the brand and company Novo Nordisk, which is used by the general public and celebrities and well-known international figures like Elon Musk. 

Wegovy recently garnered attention and popularity when the tech giant mentioned it as his way of losing weight rapidly and becoming fit and healthy. If you still need to hear about it, keep reading, as the following details will tell you about this new medicine. 

What Elon Musk, Billionaire Entrepreneur, Shared on Twitter

Elon Musk, the billionaire entrepreneur, holds an international reputation for his innovative advancements in the world of technology. He is always in the limelight and the news due to his company Tesla or his personal life. 

Recently a fan asked him on Twitter the secret behind his 'fit, ripped and healthy' body, to which the billionaire replied that it is 'fasting and Wegovy.' This single tweet attracted or redirected all the attention to Wegovy and the weight loss drug people started consuming and buying, causing a shortage of medicine. 

The Viral TikTok Treatment

The fact that the world has turned into a global village, all thanks to the Internet, makes it easy for people to choose their preferred option from the online variety. Many like to share and document their experiences related to almost everything to make people aware and inspire more people. 

The same is the case with health-related issues that recently resulted in viral Tiktok trends recommending or mentioning weight loss drugs such as Wegovy, Ozempic, and Mounjaro. It all started with people struggling with obesity referring and recommending the weight loss drug Wegovy which initiated several viral Tiktok hashtags and mentions, attracting millions of views and likes. 

Although Wegovy was already gaining a lot of attention and popularity as the viral Tiktok treatment, it became even more famous due to Elon Musk's official mention in his tweet and the increasing rumors of Kim Kardashian using it to lose weight. Since then, Wegovy has been people's first choice as the weight loss drug, creating massive medical shortages. 

How Much Weight Did Elon Musk Lose?

When Elon Musk lost a significant amount of weight and even mentioned the weight loss drug's name in his tweet, people were more curious than ever to know how much he had lost due to Wegovy. To people's surprise and interest, he even mentioned in one of his tweets that he had shed 13 kgs or 30lbs by adopting fasting, a healthy eating lifestyle, and consuming Wegovy. 

This revelation was the final nail in the coffin that many people had wanted to hear before finally starting to consume Wegovy. The massive amount of pounds or kgs that Eon Musk lost further spiked the usage and sale of Wegovy, which resulted in the scarcity of the medicine, creating a hostile situation for diabetic people that needed the medicine. 

How Do Prescription Weight Loss Drugs Work? 

The reason that most medications are made on a one-fits-all formula, they aren't proven to be the ideal or best option for most people. Prescription medications in this regard are the ideal option for people looking for faster or distinct results. 

Prescription medicines or drugs are specifically made to cater to individual needs and requirements, keeping in mind the individual's health requirements and ongoing condition. Many weight loss clinics and health care consultants are moving towards prescription weight loss drugs to help their patients achieve desired results with mild to no side effects. You can't purchase these prescription weight loss drugs over the counter. Instead, they are provided mainly by your healthcare provider to meet your distinct health requirements. 

Who is a Good Candidate for Wegovy?

According to Wegovy’s manufacturer, it can be used by people dealing with obesity having BMI greater than 30 as well as people who are overweight having BMI greater than 27. It can also be used by individuals dealing with health issues such as high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, and hypertension. 

The weight loss drug named Wegovy is quite helpful in curbing one's appetite, managing their metabolism, and further resulting in significant and long-term weight loss. People with chronic diseases that impact weight can also use this medicine for their overall well-being in addition to losing weight. 

Tips for Fasting, Safely

Undoubtedly fasting is considered the oldest and safest way to lose weight. Intermittent fasting is a popular and also effective way to lose weight. However, it is essential to keep the fasting periods short but consistent. 

Staying hydrated is another way to lose weight quicker. One more way is to have fewer meal portions when you are fasting to not feel bloated and overeat in the end. Similarly, it is essential not to overstress your body by fasting even when you are not feeling your best. Give your body some time to relax and heal to achieve the best results from fasting. 

A healthy and all-nutritious diet is also essential, as you need all kinds of protein, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and supplements to provide your body with all the crucial elements even when you are fasting. Fasting with all these safe techniques will help you achieve your results in a safer, quicker, and easier way. 

Will This Impact The Semaglutide Shortage?

As around 73% of people are struggling with obesity in the United States, more and more people are turning towards weight loss drugs such as Wegovy and Ozempic, which have Semaglutide as their main component. The reason that Semaglutide drug helps lose weight significantly faster than most other weight loss drugs has caused a shortage and scarcity of it. 

One more significant reason for the Semaglutide shortage is that most people can get this drug now without any prescription, as these medicines can also be prescribed as precision medicines. So wealthy people can buy these drugs without any issues as well. 

This over-usage by people not actually needing the weight loss drug Wegovy creates the Semaglutide shortage for people with medical conditions such as type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol. Reports showed that doctors and health care providers did not have permission to recommend or prescribe Semaglutide to people who do not need it to overcome the created shortage. 

Will My Insurance Cover Wegovy?

While not all medicines are covered by all Insurance companies in the United States, there are chances that your insurance company covers the medicine. However, it is always wise to call your insurance company and determine whether they cover Wegovy. If yes, then what are the charges for it? 

For instance, if your insurance company doesn't cover Wegovy, you can call Novo Nordisk. This company manufactures the drug and asks them for a Wegovy savings Copay Card which will help them pay only $25 for a 28 days medicine supply.

Achieve the Same Results With Precision Medicine

Precision medicine is prescribed medicines used to work on a personal level to achieve optimum results. The result that most medicines are made for a one-fits-all formula only helps some individuals to receive the same results. 

However, precision medicines prescribed by healthcare providers can work according to a person's specialized medical needs and requirements to help them achieve maximum results. With the help of your doctor's consultation and skilled intervention, you can achieve the same results as Wegovy through precision medicine. Just remember to inform your healthcare provider regarding your previous medical conditions.