Alfie Weight Loss Guarantee

Last updated 01/27/2022

Eligible Alfie members are guaranteed a minimum of 10% weight loss within 1 year of starting Alfie's program, determined by calculating the percentage change in weight between the start and end of the Alfie program. Eligible members who do not achieve 10% weight loss are eligible for a program refund (minus a non-refundable $200 metabolic review cost which covers provider-related medical fees), pro-rated to the weight loss. For example, if you lose 9% of your weight, you are eligible for a 10% refund of the program cost.

To be eligible for Alfie's Weight Loss Guarantee, members must:

  • Have signed up for and completed 12 consecutive months of Alfie's program without pausing
  • Have self paid for Alfie's program
  • Have not been on a prescription weight loss medication in the one year prior to joining Alfie (examples include: phentermine, GLP-1 medications like Ozempic, Saxenda, or Wegovy)
  • Be compliant with the program which means:

  1. Taking medication as directed and following through with ongoing medical team care, including follow-up labs and medical check-in responses
  2. Actively participating in tracking throughout the program, which is defined by tracking daily metrics through our daily check-ins, and meeting weekly goals 80% of the time
  3. Giving at least 24 hour notice if needing to cancel a coaching session, and not exceeding three last minute reschedules
  4. Participating in at least 80% of group calls and challenges

You can request a refund by emailing Once deemed refund eligible per the conditions above, if you paid by credit or debit card you will receive a refund on the card on file per our refund policy, and the refund amount will appear on your card within three to five business days of Alfie confirming you are refund eligible.